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GG, GP, RW Silverestate Simply Elegant (Ellie)

"In Memory"

Born 8-11-99  -   Passed away 11-7-2014



She was the "Love of my Life' and "Stole my Heart".

She will be forever missed; but, never forgotten.   I miss you Miss Ellie!



12th  Best Premeirship in NorthWest Region for 2010-2011
Chinchilla Silver Female  
Sire: CH Limeridge Starry Nights
Dam: GC Silverestate Dimentions


Ellie was Best Silver & Golden Champion at the Franciscan Show 2007

She was also 3rd Highest Cat in Show

Ellie was 2nd Best of Breed at the CFA International Show 2006

Ellis was BEST Silver & Golden Persian at the Dixieland Silver & Golden Fanciers Show

Best Premiership at Dixieland Silver & Golden Fanciers Show  December 11 & 12, 2011




GC Silverestate Keepsake

Shaded Silver Female  B/D 01/26/11

 Sire:  Smaradgtempel Bacio of Silverestate

Dam:  Silverestate Grace-full

Best Silver/Golden Champion at Dixieland Show 2012




GC, GP, RW SilverEstate Tasha

Chinchilla Silver Female  B/D 06/17/09
Sire: GC Silverestate 2Good 2B Tru
Dam: CH Meradowpurrs Tiara of Silverestate

Chinchilla Silver


"12th Best Premiership in South West Region 2014-2015"


Best Premier at Silver & Golden Dixieland Show Dec.13 & 14, 2014

Best Premier at the Octoberfest Show in Germany on Oct 11-12, 2014




CH Silverestate Heart of Mine ( Mya)

Shaded Silver





Silverestate Candy Kisses!

Shaded Silver




EZ2LUV Izzy A Dream Catcher of Silverestate

Chinchilla Silver



Silverestate Kiss me Katie

Chinchilla Silver



CH Silverestate Adorable (Dorie)

Shaded Silver



GC Silverestate Benjamin

Shaded Silver



CH Dolceamore Souffle'of Silverestate

Shaded Silver



Silverestate Wish Upon a Star

Chinchilla Silver



Silverestate Sealed with a Kiss (Sealia)

Chinchilla Silver



CH Silverestate High Hopes

Shaded Silver



GC Silverestate Bella

Chinchilla Silver Female  B/D 3/20/10

Sire: GC Silverestate 2 Good 2B Tru

Dam:  CH Wyndcreste Bijou of Silverestate




SilverEstate Glory-Be "Gloria"

Chinchilla Silver Female  B/D 2/16/11

Sire:  Smaragdtempel Bacio Silverestate

Dam:  GC Silverestate Sweetheart



SilverEstate Grace-Ful  "Gracie" 
Chinchilla Silver Female  B/D 05-09-08
Sire: CH Lady Law Top Gun of Silver Estate
Dam: GC, GP, RW Silver Estate Simply Elegant



Smaragdtempel Bacio of Silverestate

Shaded Silver Male  B/D 6/19/09

Sire: Smaragdtempel's Unlimited Vision

Dam: Simbakui Isolde




CH Wyndcreste Bijou of Silverestate

Chinchilla Silver Female  B/D 5/17/08

Sire: GC Dalee Special Edition of Wyndcreste

Dam:  GC Wyndcreste Ritzy Bitzy




GC SilverEstate Sweetheart
Chinchilla Silver Female  B/D 5-06-06
Sire: CH Crysalis Hartbraker of SilveresEstate
Dam: GC, GP, RW SilverEstate Simply Elegant


CFA 3rd Best of Breed Nationally 2009-10

Best of Breed  & Best Chinchilla Silver in Region 2

GC SilverEstate Just Josh'N Around
Chinchilla Silver Male - B/D 5-28-08
Sire: SilverEstate Joshua of Catscreatioon
Dam: CH Jenna-purrs Delight of Silverestate

3rd Best of Breed in Region 2 for 2009-10


"GC Silverestate 2 Good 2B Tru"  nickname "Truman"

Chinchilla Silver Male  B/D 1/21/08

Sire: CH Lady Law Top Gun of Silverestate

Dam:  CH Silverestate Sweetheart


Best of Breed & Color for Region 2 

 9th Best of Breed Nationally for 2008-09



CH Meadowpurrs Tiara of SilverEstate

Chinchilla Silver Female  - B/D 5/28/08
Sire: EZ2LUV Carl Say Again
Dam: Meadowpurrs Tiffany



CH Missionhill Fantasy of SilverEstate
Shaded Mackerel Tabby Female  B/D 04-24-07
Sire: Dreamhimie's Willie Nelson
Dam: Missionhill Raindance



CH Lady Law Top Gun of SilverEstate
Shaded Silver Male - B/D 2-18-07
Sire: CH EZ2LUV ArmedNDangerous of Lady Law
Dam: CH SilverNGold Justice of Lady Law



CH Jenna-purrz Delight of SilverEstate "DeeDee"
Shaded Silver Female  B/D 09-29-06
Sire: CH Sunnybeach Timeless Treasure
Dam: Misteeriver Alyssa of Jenna-Purrz




SilverEstate Just Adorable (Adora)
Chinchilla Silver  Female
Sire: Scrimshaw Lazer Beam of Kimberlite
Dam: GC, GP, RW SilverEstate Simply Elegant



CH Crysalis Hartbraker of SilverEstate
Silver Mctabby Male
Sire: Missionhill Copyright of Crysalis
Dam: Eucker's Solitaire of Crysalis



GC SilverEstate Last Event (Evette)
~~ 2 SHOW GRAND ~~
Chinchilla Silver  Female @ 14 months
Sire: CH Cashelaby Curtis of SilverEstate
Dam: GC SilverEstate Special Event



CH Silverestate Masterpiece
Chinchilla Silvermale @ 8 months
Sire: Scrimshaw Lazer Beam of Kimberlite
Dam: GC, GP, RW SilverEstate  Simply Elegant



GC Silver Estate Mirage

Shaded Silver Male

Sire: GC Akristocats Kodak of Silverestate

  Dam: GC Danpeg's Sony of Silver Estate , DM



GC SilverEstate Uptown Girl (Annie)

Shaded Silver Female Born 4/9/96 to 12/22/05
Sire: Sonnet Moondust of SilverEstate
Dam: Ch SilverEstate Candid Camera

"In our lifetime we all may have that one special cat that touches our heart & soul........and lives on with us forever in our 'Memories." My Annie is that "Special Cat"

Sun'N'Roses Victoria of Silver Estate 
Shaded Silver female
Sire: Missionhill Charisma of Cozy Cats
Dam: Sun'N'Roses Tiger Lily

GC SilverEstate  Main Event
Chinchilla Silver Female
Sire: Wyndcreste Heritage of SilverEstate 
Dam: GC SilverEstate Special Event

~~  2 SHOW GRAND  ~~

GC SilverEstate Dimentions
Chinchilla Silver Female
 Sire: GC Akristocats Kodak of Silver Estate
Dam: GC Danpeg's Sony of SilverEstate , DM

CH Weande Dream Patcher
Shaded Silver Female


GC SilverEstate  Special Event
Chinchilla Silver Female


GC Aristocats Kodak of SilverEstate
Chinchilla Silver Male
Best Chinchilla Silver Northwest Region 1993-94
2nd Best of Breed/Division Northwest Region 1993-94

CH SilverEstate City Girl

Shaded Silver Female



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