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There have been quite a few websites popping up recently that are CLAIMING to be producing "TEACUP", "TOY", "DESIGNER" Silver Persians.

It is just a DECEPTIVE MARKETING PRACTICE  to charge the unsuspecting consumer an extremely high price ($2,000 - $4,000).

They "imply", because Silvers are SMALL, they are RARE.

Silvers have ALWAYS been smaller than other Persians.

The AVERAGE Silver Female is 5-6#, a Male is 6-7#.

Make yourself an educated consumer and check these FACTS with CFA.

Candy kissing her daughter "Silverestate Amore"

Shaded Silver Female - staying with me


Mya's 3 females 6 weeks old


Lily & Izzy's 2 females 8 weeks old


GC Silverestate Keepsake's & Izzy's Female kittens at 7 weeks (Not Available)



GC Silverestate Keepsake's Female kittens (Not Available)



Silverestate  Bear-e Cute!

Chinchilla Silver Male @  9weeks old


Silverestate  Eiliott

Chinchilla Silver Male @ 5 weeks old


Silverestate Benjamin

Shaded Silver Male @ 8 weeks old

( Souffle' and Hope)




Tasha & Star's 2 females @ 7 weeks old

Chinchilla Silvers




Keepsake & Souffle's first babies - 3 weeks old



Hope x Cyrus's babies 6 week old



(not available)

Tasha's 3 babies & Bijou's one... 10 weeks old..

All Star's first babies!





Please contact me for more information.

Here are pictures of kittens from previous litters.

(these kittens are not available)




Boys @ 6 weeks old

Female at 15 weeks

Hope & Cyrus - Litter of 5 born April 25, 2011

(4 males & 1 female)




Silverestate Keepsake (Kia) @ 9 weeks old

Shaded Silver Female

Sire: Smaragdtempel Bacio of Silverestate

Dam: Silverestate Grace-ful (Gracie)




Silverestate Litter at  6 weeks (Not Available)


Silverestate litter at 17 days old  (Not Available)

Silverestate Bianca

Shaded Silver Female

(Not Available)



Silverestate "Wish upon a Star"

10 weeks old..shaded silver male

(Not Available)

Silver Estate Anabell (8) weeks)  and Silver Estate High Hopes (7 weeks)

(Not Available)


CH Lady Law Top Gun of SilverEstate & Missionhill Fantasy of SilverEstate



CH Lady Law Top Gun of SilverEstate

CH SilverEstate Sweetheart

Silver Estate Topaz

New Owner - Sue L. Ebersole



 Ellie's babies


These are the first litters produced by

CH Lady Law's Top Gun of Silver Estate




Contact us for more information on available kittens.



Kittens at 7 weeks of age

These kittens are not available;

but, we will have more litters born soon.

Below are pictures of kittens from previous litters.


Silverestate Heartbeat - 3 months

Please contact us for more pictures & information on Kittens Available.

These babies were in our first litter this year.

Crysalis Hartbraker of SilverEstate    and   GC Jenew's Passion Bloomed at Last

Male Kittens at 4 weeks of age

Here you'll see some of our past kittens.....

(left) SilverEstate Forever Bloom & SilverEstate Awesome Blossom (right)
Sire: GC SilverEstate Mirage
Dam:  GCH Jenew's Passion Bloomed at Last

SilverEstate Inspired (left) & SilverEstate Mystical (right side)

Sire: GC SilverEstate Mirage

Dam: SunN'Roses Victori of SilverEstate.


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