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Grandpa saying good by to his favorite cat, Halo,  before going to her new home.  

March 2016


"Happy 50th Anniversary Gift" to Barbara & Erick 6-3-17



Ayca and Cem from San Francisco, CA  6-3-17




Candy going home to her forever home with Tara

in Ontario, CA   4-14-17



Joyce Welch taking home her new bundle of joy

Bakersfield, CA   7-18-16


Jennifer & Hunter from Hollywood, CA


Cindy picking up her bundle of joy from Red Bluff, CA


 Brian picking up his kitten to "Surprise" his fiance. 

Upland, CA  November 2015


A Sad Story that has a Happy Ending. 

 Fendi's mom passed away suddenly (5 year old chinchilla silver persian) & had to go to a rescue situation until released to the vet in charge. It took a few weeks to get her here to me ( 7 hour drive) from the bay area.  I found her a forever home with Betsy that she is so loved and cared for.  Something we should all think about when we have pets that if we pass who will care for them.  I know this has hit home for me.  Our pets depend solely on us to car for them.

Julie & John from San Clemente

taking home there two sisters today 10-11-15


Dorothy with her new pet kitten at home.

Rancho Santa Fe, CA      9-8-15



Joyce & Al  from Las Vegas getting another kitten to keep Stewie company.


Dana taking home her new female kitten Valentina   6-2-15

Vista, Calif.


Dorie with her new parents Stephanie & Gregg

San Pedro, CA  1-18-15



Susan & Pat coming from WI to pick up there new bundle of joy..."Bear-e Cute" on 2-24-14. 

Hoping he will bring them much happiness like there Romeo they had for 17 1/2 years.



Sealia going with her new mom...Cynthia!


 Adora and owner Patricia of Sunnyvale, CA


Joyce with Lynn and Franky!



Doreen taking Misty home to Modesto, CA


And you can add when leaving...she took home Ladybug too!

and put the picture of her aside of her.

Ladybug says....take me home too!




Lala and Arpa are sisters picking up there new kitten Arno.


February 2013

"Silverestate Bellino"...nickname Stewie!

 Joyce & Al Viviana of Las Vegas, NV


October 2012

"GP Silverestate Eyes For You"...nickname Isaac!

 Keiichi & Junko Yamamoto ...from San Diego, CA



Nov. 25th, 2007

Beth and her new baby Barnaby



Sep[ember 2012 

This is Leo...with his new "love of his Life Tracy"!

Thank you Tracy for giving him all the love he needs..

 from....Morgan Hill, CA



June 3, 2012

Sharon L. Beckwith in Hernando, Fl

Jeanette Yafait taking home her two chinchilla kittens.

March 26, 2012
This is Tabitha with Peggy & Sue from Santa Rosa, CA 



March 21, 2012

Larry & Jerris with there male kitten Pan





February 2, 2012

Here is Lynn Rait when she came to pick out her kitten Lacey.

"Love at first sight"!.... So she decided she wanted her sister now she has two. 



January 2, 2012

Here is Darline with Beau....her new retired cat for a visit & trim.


March 2011

Nancy Stroupe Morrison with her new kitty, Jaspurr - "love at first sight"

Top picture Jasper arriving with the pet transporter.



April 2012

Cecilia & Daniele Giovacchini picking up Mina



May 2012

Susan & Pat from Appleton, WI. 

flew in to get there new baby Kodie and mom Gracie




Susan & Pat from Appleton, WI. 

With their new baby Tasha





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